Wranglers Show 2010

Wranglers Show 2010 - Red Mustang

On Friday, June 4th, things were not looking too good weather wise, but the next morning that all changed. The sun greeted fifteen NWMCF club members, representing eleven club cars, at the Starbucks at Jantzen Beach. At 7:15 that morning we gathered together, coffee in hand, and headed out for our drive to Hillsboro. We hit a little snafu on the way out, just past the Sylvan tunnel due to tree trimming that was taking place. I'm sure we gave a lot of people something to look at, as we were all sitting in the middle lane of a three lane highway, creeping along for a few minutes.

Wranglers Show 2010 - Black Mustang

Once we got going again, it was clear sailing out to the Hillsboro fairgrounds. The grounds may have been pretty squishy in area's that day, but the show overall was well organized and put together. Cars were parked in specific classes, which makes comparing and judging a lot of fun. Over 300 cars were in attendance ~ I'm sure having the sun finally come out that day may have helped!

Wranglers Show 2010 - White Mustang

Although it took quite a while for us to get home that day due to road construction, it still was a nice relaxing day in the sun, and the majority of our members took home a trophy to boot!

Definitely a must do again next year!

Wranglers Show 2010 - Blue Mustang Wranglers Show 2010 - Grey Mustang