2nd Annual Shamrock Poker Run

James Beacon Rock

Our 2nd Annual Poker Run was held on April 2nd this year. We gathered at the Starbucks in Washougal on a typical NW Spring day with a little bit of rain, a little bit of clouds, some wind, some hail and even some sun! Of course the rain and wind hit right as we were getting started, so we all huddled under the overhang to register, buy 50/50 tickets and to draw the first card of our poker hands. We then made a mad dash for our rides and lined up, making one awesome looking procession exiting Starbucks and proceeded to drive up Shepherd Road along the scenic Washougal River. We made our way to Washougal River Road and had our first stop at mile post 5 to view some falls and rock formations. We then drew our next card as the local traffic honked and waved at us.

the beginning

We proceeded up the river and stopped again at a bend used by locals for fishing and swimming; picture taking and card drawing was done by all. The herd then headed up the river and crossed over that steel bridge to proceed up and over Cape Horn. We then joined SR -14 for views of the Columbia River and the Gorge. We all pulled into St. Cloud Recreation area for a little visit of the orchard there, to stretch our legs and draw another card. We also entertained a family that saw our cars and flipped a U-turn to come back and get pictures of all of us and our cars. Our next stop of the cruise was at the world famous Beacon Rock, and then onto our next to last stop at Bonneville Dam where the rain, wind and hail joined us when drawing our next card. The views of the gorge dam and of Hamilton Mountain were very nice. We could just see the snow line above us and by the feel of the cold air; it wasn't too far from us.

James at the lodge

We then continued on to Skamania Lodge for a well deserved lunch. The cars of NWMCF pulled into the parking lot and the herd gathered to discard some very wet and a few awful poker hands. The hands were assessed and the winners were determined. There were prizes for first, second and third place best hands. The 50/50 pot was also drawn. The Lodge staff was very good and we all enjoyed a nice lunch.

picking cards first stop

It is always nice to have a great day out with our cars and friends of NW Mustangs and Classic Fords Car Club. The crowd of 18 cars and 34 people did not let weather stop them from having a great time. Come and join us for our next great adventure and bring along a friend!

the crowd lunch time