2011 Pub Crawl and Dart Tourney

Zwickelmania Beer Stockings

Members of NWMCF met at the Widmer Brothers Brewery at noon on Saturday, February 19th and were handed a tasting glass upon entering the building, so the tour got off on the right foot! The Widmer Brewery is huge and the tour was very well done. That Saturday was an all Oregon Brewery even put on once a year called Zwickelmania so there was a shuttle bus that stopped at each of the breweries about once an hour. Widmer was part of the SE group so our shuttle bus just ran within that group of maybe 10 breweries. Had we had another couple days we could have hit the other three groups although even then you couldn't possibly see everything involved in the Beervana Zwickelmania event.

brewery tour

After lining up to begin the tour, tasting glass in hand, we were lead around by a Widmer tour guide. At each stop along the brewing process we sampled two different types and styles of beer that Widmer makes along with a food chosen specifically for that type of beer. Some were quite good, some were so-so, all in all a very interesting tour.

The Horse Brass Pub

Our 2nd stop was at Columbia River Brewery. We decided that driving to several different breweries would be difficult and since Beervana was providing free shuttles, we hopped on a shuttle as opposed to driving to Hair of the Dog. All was well until the first stop, we decided not to get off the shuttle and to try to make it to Alameda Brewing, but at the first stop a rather large group crammed themselves into our shuttle. Seats for 20 but 40 playing darts riders make for a rather full bus. Even though the mood was party like and actually kind of fun, we hopped off at Columbia River Brewery to meet up with the Tucks, who were in transit from a morning commitment. The tour there was on a much, much smaller scale as opposed to Widmer. In fact, the entire brewery was in the basement of the pub. We had fun and learned some more about beer. There was one participant in the tour that had obviously made more than a few stops along the shuttle bus route, but it was all in good fun and we have a good laugh at some of the questions being asked by the partier.

playing darts

The 3rd stop was The Horse Brass Pub. After gathering the cars left at Widmer, our group met up at The Horse Brass for lunch and a rousing game of darts. The food was good, the beer was cold, or warm depending on the style and we had a good lunch, after which we held the 1st ever NW Mustangs Dart Tournament! I had a feeling we were all in trouble when Mike Bernath pulled out 3 cases of custom darts. Not just any darts either; adjustable by weight, length and tips they were definitely 4 steps above the rental darts available to the rest of us from behind the bar. Nevertheless, we soldiered on with the first round. We all decided on the standard British game of 301, double in, double out as our game format.

nwmacf group

Lots of laughs ensued during the games from us amateurs trying to hit a double to get in and start being able to put points on the board, and more laughs from trying to hit another double to get out and collect exactly 301 points. Out of the four games that were played, the Bernath's took three of them. Definitely good time and something to be repeated soon! playing darts