Past Events

NW Mustangs and Classic Fords is a car club comprised of a wonderful, varied group of individuals who enjoy getting together in many different forums. Please take a moment to peruse through the tabs to your left and see just some of the fun events we took part in this year..

Whether it be caravanning over and participating in a local car show together, or taking in some laps at a PIR track event, or getting together for lunch and attending the Roadster Show or doing a poker run, we enjoy it all!

We also put on one car show ourselves, the annual Start, Stomp and Go, End of Summer Car Show, which is held in August each year. Please check out our show to learn more about it. We want to enjoy the many other car events going on around our wonderful area, so we are committed to one big show each year, with proceeds being donated to a deserving local charity.

We are always open to new ideas, so if you have one, please feel free to share!