What a great day for a drive with fellow Mustangers! A number of NW Mustangs and Classic Fords club members got the beautiful, sunny day started by meeting at Black Rock for some great coffee. We then met up with the Mustang Wranglers and two other Mustang groups at the Troutdale outlet mall. It was nice seeing friends we had not seen in a while and meeting some new ones; there was also for a bit of mutual admiration of each other's rides.

After about a half hour we headed east to Bonneville fish hatchery. More coffees for those in need and plenty of sights to see; including salmon heading up the fish ladder and the sturgeon in the sturgeon pond. Some fed the salmon fingerling in the rearing ponds and lots more Mustang talk. It was then time to head back to the freeway toward Hood River. Along the way there was a nice Dodge truck that kept the Oregon State patrol occupied while we drove past. We stopped at Rasmussen's Orchard which is always fun as they have many activities for all ages, a large selection of fresh produce and fresh apple cider.

After Rasmussen's, the group headed out for two more orchards, but NWMCF members broke off from the group and headed across the river, our destination: Skamania Lodge. We enjoyed a good lunch and conversation and got to know some of our newest members. Of course, we couldn't resist going out to the front lawn to check out the wonderful view and the Celebration of Beer festivities that Skamania Lodge was hosting!

This event was a great example of our motto: Having fun with our cars. Looking forward to doing it again next year!