NW Mustangs and Classic Fords held their first ever Garage Night on Saturday,March 5th 2011. Location and beverages were graciously provided by our hosts the Starks. Our first Garage Night event covered wax detailing, focusing primarily on black cars;product provided by Turtle Wax Black Box.

During the NWMCF Christmas party I was talking with Will and Elena and we got on the subject of black cars (what else would car guys talk about when they're together?). I told him I had been using a product made by Turtle Wax called the Black Box and had been very pleased with the results. The following month at our club meeting we talked about what topic we wanted to cover for our first Garage Night event and Will offered the use of his garage and asked about doing a black car night. I contacted the great people at Turtle Wax and they agreed to sponsor our event with some product and give-a-ways.

We arrived at the home and garage of Will around 5 o'clock on the 5th of March. A HUGE pile of pizza boxes and lots of snacks and drinks were there to feed the hungry detailers. We broke out the Black Box and commenced applying the BB pre-wax cleaner and conditioner on Will's beautiful black, 1990 Saleen. His paint was definitely in need of some sprucing up so Will, John and myself dug in and got the first step done in the process. We got the first coat on and stood back to let it dry and grabbed a bite or two of pizza and have a cold pop. Fifteen minutes later we removed the dried cleaner conditioner and got ready to apply the black carnuba wax that is step two of the BB kit.

Mike and Angie rolled up to help so we enlisted them to apply coat number two. Mike started taking pictures for our club website and to send to Turtle Wax. We also got the video camera rolling for the final step of removing the black tinted carnuba around 8 o'clock. Several of Will's friends from the Falcon club had joined us along with some of his relatives. We all stood around and admired the results of our labor and had another piece of pizza and a beverage while Mike snapped some additional photos. The car did shine, it really looked good.

At roughly 8:30 we all said our good byes and headed out to do whatever it was we had planned for later that night. On a scale of 1-10 I would definitely give our first garage night an 8+. The only thing that would have made it more fun is having more of our members in attendance to spend time with.

Some additional product information:

* It takes approximately 2 to 4 hours for one person to do an entire car. This is mostly to allow the 1st and 2nd stages of pre-wax and wax to dry.

* The cost of the kit is $20 and can be purchased at Autozone, Schucks, Walmart and most auto parts stores.

* You can expect about 3 to 4 applications from one kit.

* The pros of this product are; great shine, easy to use, has scratch remover in prewax, low cost, comes with applicators and 2 bottles of spray detailer.

* The cons of the product are; as its carnuba based it doesn't last as long as a syn thetic and it can turn your hands black without gloves.

* Make sure the pre-wax and wax are completely dry before using the spray on de tailer to remove the wax or it will get gummy.

Looking forward to the next Garage Night, we definitely had a great time with this one, our first. Join the club, pay your dues, come to meetings and provide input into which events/outings you want to see us participant in!

Events Chair

Black Box Night Photos