Cars n' Coffee 2011

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Our very first season of the Cars n' Coffee event was a success. Beginning on the Saturday of Memorial weekend, the weather started out a little rainy at first, but eventually the sun broke through and we started seeing more and more cars joining in. Each week we had pretty consistent numbers of about 20+ cars, unless we had some serious Washington rain. Fortunately we only experienced a couple of those days over the four month period, which ended on Saturday, October 1st. We had all kinds of rides join us over the summer. From old school hot rods, rare English/Euro sports cars to vintage gassers to modern day muscle in Camaro's and Corvette's. The atmosphere was always one of a common bond; talking about our passion for our cars, no matter which factory they rolled out of.

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Our start time was 7 AM, which a few of us die hard NW Mustangs and Classic Fords people were able to make, but as the morning rolled on, more and more folks would pull in, get greeted and start talking cars. We did have more than a few groups of people park in the adjacent lot and come over with cameras in hand to snap a few photos of the cars in attendance. A special shout out to Ryan of Blackrock Coffee who hosted our event ~ you're the best! Great staff, a nice parking area and great $2 coffee deals really helped promote the event and our club. All in all it was a great time, lots of positive press and lots of positive comments. Looking forward to Cars n' Coffee 2012; see you all in the spring! Get those cars waxed up!

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